The Kaplowitz Guide

"Have you Kaplowitz'd to-day?"

Kaplowitz Media. w/ the creative assist of Dion Giolito (Illusione Cigars) has found yet another way to stand apart from, out from, & over its 'competition.' Here, KM will go beyond rating single coffee offerings & widen its rating system to embrace company portfolios in their entirety.

Beyond simply the experience of a singular offering, this new Kaplowitz Media. star rating system will encompass the whole shebang of a brand... marketing, design, presentation, service, & place within the industry. The system will be a la The Michelin Guide's in that stars will be oh so sparingly handed out & can too, be revoked.

  • 1 star: ::: very ::: good
  • 2 stars: Excellent
  • 3 stars: Exceptional

Sparingly. Most companies will never receive a star. This is not an attempt at diminishing from an excellent offering but an attempt at simply making a star quite difficult to achieve... as well as retain.

Stars will be awarded & removed as needed on a rolling basis within independent blog posts which will be indexed here. In the Fall (exact time TBD) a final definitive snapshot of that moment will be listed in full in another post. Those published posts will also be indexed here, at this ::: very ::: page.

Another info-feature which will be disseminated as those already listed will be a 'Rising Star' mention of companies well on their way to procuring their first star.

An aside: I am aware Michelin insists the stars have only to do w/ an establishment's food, but c'mon, ya know?

Further aside: I can only 'star' what I have reviewed. I feel this is somehow worth mentioning.


Batdorf & Bronson Awarded Two Stars
Sugar Creek Awarded One Star


Batdorf & Bronson (2)
Sugar Creek (1)

::: very :::