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No joke. It's getting rough here at Kaplowitz Media. Thanks to Caronavirus, $$$ simply isn't moving this way as anticipated via past performances. Austerity has set in even further than as per usual at KM HQ. For instance [fill in tasteless poverty joke told from a position of privilege] I'm telling you! But I did say no joke. I know it's rough all over but if it happens to be a little less rough for you, please consider supporting a project which infotains you par excellence. Then, after cutting Joe Rogan a check, maybe do the same for here so that we can keep the lights on & the work coming. thx


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I don't ask you to join any sort of subscription thing. One time donations are fine, & will not lead to me asking you for more. Here are a couple links you can use to help keep KM going & G R O W I N G.

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