Thursday, October 8, 2020

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"Have you Kaplowitz'd to-day?"

Let's unpack this...

I (Kap) & Kaplowitz Media. are done w/ social media. Both of us. Why? Because. Until when? Let's say at the least, & if ever, March 2021. After my yearly second-half of Feb. hiatus.

This becomes of the utmost importance if you do not want to miss a Kaplowitz Media. post. You may subscribe at the top right of the page by entering your email addy under "subscribe." This is necessary to do for each of the Kaplowitz Media. blogs: Cigars, Coffee, & Wine. You do not have to sub to all, just the ones you wish to be updated on. A daily email will be sent your way w/ links to that day's posts. No post, no email. One email a day, even if there is more than one post published.

You may send an email my way at any time if you wish to stay in touch beyond reading/listening to what I write/say. That address is Please allow me ample time to not reply prior to not sending me a follow-up email. 

Now to answer some questions I've already been asked in re all this *FAQ* some overlapping may occur in the interest of clarity.
  • Will you still be blogging & podcasting*? Yes (w/out change).
  • Will you post links to your new blog posts anywhere? NO (subscribe).
  • Will you post photos to your blog instead of Instagram? Maybe (maybe).
  • Will you be opening your blog to comments? No (never). 
  • Can I share links to your posts on my own social media profiles? Yes (please do).
  • Are you going to do videos now? No (tf?)
*If you haven't yet, you may subscribe to the Kaplowitz Radio. portfolio of podcasts by visiting: There, you can find KR. on your preferred podcast player or listen immediately. Please rate & review if both applicable & favorable. 


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