Sunday, September 20, 2020

Kaplowitz Radio. EP194 "Summer's Lease"

lo-fi & lovely

I recap & review the 2020 Kaplowitz Guide. Also, I share some cigar coffee wine news via various articles. Then some Kaplowitz Reads Kaplowitz. Finally, an art section including dramatic readings of the song Do Anything You Wanna Do from Eddie & the Hot Rods then a poem from John Ashbery, Anticipated Stranger. Not necessarily in that order. Want more reason to tune in? Sorry, that’s all I got. So let’s get to it. Oh, also some Shakespeare, natch.

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Gracianna Wine 2017 Mercedes Riverblock Estate Pinot Noir in Review "Just Prior/Alongside"

All Saints Cigars Dedicacion in Review "Creamy. Dreamy."

Rock-A-Feller Dominican Blue in Review "Pick to Critical Bits"

Portlandia Vintners Pinot Noir 2018 in Review "Wanna See my Doilies?"

Kaplowitz Media. 2020 Kaplowitz Guide