Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters Ethiopian Guji in Review by Kaplowitz Media.

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Paper Tiger
Ethiopian Guji

ORIGIN: Ethiopia

PROCESS: Natural
BREW METHOD: Pour-over



Red Grapefruit | Balsa wood | Orange pekoe tea

Crisp via citrus, smoky by way of thin wood, & slightly astringent on account of the tea lilt. Lots going on in the feels/delivery. As far as flavors, middlings include a sinewy savoriness attached to the balsa up-top & also to salted caramel, thinly & nearer-by. Thin patent leather. Far-away & back-loaded blueberry tartly comes in at the outs then into finish.

Underneath is tamped potting soil w/ a tick chalky mineral accompaniment, fleetingly. Lots going on bears reiterating. Complex af. Lightly nuanced but muchly... not deeply rooted but many a root. Balance skews a tick toward sour & could use more earthiness or bitterness. Perhaps bitter earth. A dark chocolate compost heap sounds divine.

I digress. I digress & then end where I should have begun // Sits only somewhat dark in the cup. Peachy rim, peachy under-hue. Glossy finish. Aroma shows earth, a leathery hint of baking spices. Touch of wild berries -- YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY'RE GONNA DO -- but I know what I'll do. Finish this quite interesting nigh avant-garde cuppa.

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