Monday, March 9, 2020

Tinker Coffee Co. Kellenso Ethiopia Mekonissa in Review by Kaplowitz Media.

“Have you Kaplowitz’d to-day?”

Tinker Coffee Co.
Kellenso Ethiopia

ORIGIN: Bule Hora, West Guji
VARIETAL: Guji, Typica, Heirloom

PROCESS: Fully Washed
BREW METHOD: French Press


Papaya | Apricot | Apple butter

Smoky leathery & high-up sweet-spice aroma. Earthy. Sits in the cup with a nice sheen and fruity under-hues. Cools to a nice slight greasy top. Excellent body sans cloying nature. Clean & a tick puckering astringent. A bit of cocoa | salted nutty there.

Autumn spices and a hardwood note hold structure well; hoisting from upper-middlings. Excellent delineation gate-to-wire. Fruit notes are bright but tethered quite nicely to dense earth, compost. Not fly-away flighty as w/ some Ethiopians. Anchored & in turn nuanced. Tea leaves flit about in the middling which mainly seep down in gentle complexities, depths.

Cup cools in a surprisingly meaty-manner. Savory. Plush leathery. Fruits tropically darken ripen. Still, a brightness stays... even more complex here. Touch of black pepper. A quick-footed light heavyweight of a profile... perhaps a plodding welterweight. A boxer/puncher. A knockout brew.

A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 0-59

::: very :::