Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters Panama Gesha in Review by Kaplowitz Media.

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Sugar Creek
Panama Gesha

ORIGIN: Panama

BREW METHOD: Pour-over


Tropical fruits | Floral | Earthiness

Sits densely dark in the cup with just a tick more sheen than a flat finish. Matte? Let's not get bogged down. Coffee-colored. When it cools, a nice greaz floats up, forms. No highlights. A sourdough scent pushes ahead a fruity-floral nosing. That sourdough hits quick on the sip, clings to the finish. 'Tween that is all fruity dried candied stuffs (papaya, apricot) w/ tropical floral (hibiscus) additions. Sweet, sweet flowers in rays of Ra.

But the core. It's a tightly spun thing of roasty & slightly smoky earthiness. Top-soil. A bit of a peppery kicker (black). A goodly amount of flavors -- a TON of flavor. Bold, robust, & also smooth as silk. Even with a tick of astringency on the cheeks, it remains supple. Kind. &&& also impressive af. Gesha, if you've not had, will... well, try it. "BOOM," as the kids say if they still say that.

Incredibly impeccably complex. Happenings! and all well-rehearsed. The well-structured core pulls all the notes in, causing almost dramatic nuances. Sip it first for a half cuppa's worth, then slurp --- and the eyes pop again. Anise & poppy seeds. Dark chocolate shavings. Crissakes & zoinks.

A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 0-59

::: very :::